Palletizing robots – Simplify to increase production

Robotic palletizers were introduced in the early 1980s and have an end of arm tool (end effector) to grab the product from a conveyor or layer table and position it onto a pallet. The end of arm tooling has evolved in recent years to accommodate a variation of pack...

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Robotic accuracy streamlines Shatterprufe production

The team at Robotic Innovations are proud to have installed many robotic systems for automotive supplier Shatterprufe, a division of the PG Group. Shatterprufe supply about 1.2 million windscreens and 2.5 million toughened glass per year of which 50% is for local and...

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A robot solution for cement palletizing

MechTech talks to Altus Mostert, managing director of Robotic Innovations about the benefits of robot palletizing as a compromise between labour-intensive manual packing, and high-speed dedicated palletizing machines. Robotic Innovations was established in 2004 by...

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A year of growth for Robor Pipe Systems

With 2010 projects totalling more than R80 million, Robor Pipe Systems is poised for a year filled with great success. Contributing to that success is the company’s continuous investment in research and development, and its up-to-date knowledge of South Africa’s...

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Robotic welding – the flexible jigging solution

The use of welding robots is often limited to large production runs of identical items, not so much because of the cost of the robot or the programming effort, but because of the need for a suitably accurate jig for each new part. Altus Mostert of Robotic Innovations...

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Robotic welding for SA’s mine detection vehicle

Robotic Innovations, the South African based robot welding and systems integration specialist, has recently installed two welding robot cells for manufacturing a South African-designed mine detection vehicle. African Fusion talks to Altus Mostert about the special...

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Very high speed robotic welding

African Fusion recently witnessed a demonstration of robotic welding at the Irene premises of Robotic Innovations, the systems integration partner for Lincoln Electric. Nahanni Nagle of Lincoln Electric and Altus Mostert of Robotic Innovations have teamed up to...

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Pioneering robotic automation

Robotic Innovations (Pty) Ltd – a turnkey robotics and industrial automation specialist based in Route 21 Corporate Park, Irene – describes itself as a provider of robotic solutions to non-OEM industries. MechTech visits the company and talks to Altus Mostert, its...

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Top ten reasons to buy an industrial robot

The economy may be off to a slow start in 2009, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play ahead for better times.  These are the “Top Ten” reasons why you should purchase an industrial robot today. Lowest cost / highest quality wins market share The economic pressures on...

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Adroit controls innovative cold coil process

SA Instrumentation & Control - The Official Journal of the SAIMC April 2007 Where others have tried and failed, a local automotive coil manufacturer in Nigel has succeeded in creating what it claims to be the world’s first server drive application (or ball and claw)...

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