Cobot Welding Package

In striving to always be ahead of the competition, Robotic Innovations decided to design and build a compact, mobile, all-inclusive Cobot welding system.

With Cobots being all the rage since their introduction into the marketplace, we have seen Cobots being used in some very ingenious ways. Let’s start by defining what a Cobot is: A Cobot, or collaborative robot, is a robot intended for direct human robot interaction within a shared space, or where humans and robots are in close proximity.

Although a simple definition, there are some serious factors that make it SAFE for a robot and a human to work within the same area without any traditional safety fencing or area access safety zoning. Although there are many more, the main factors can be summarized as follows: Cobots move slowly, Cobots have sensitive payload/collision settings, Cobots can reset themselves after a collision and continue with its program but most importantly, Cobots have certification that allows them to be classified as Cobots.
The RI Cobot Welding Package consists of a cart, onto which everything a robotic welding system consists of, is mounted for ease of mobility. The idea is to allow the system to be wheeled around within a manufacturing facility, and due to its ease and speed of programming, allow many more staff to use the system for both once-off or high-volume production runs.

The Fanuc CRX-10iA L collaborative robot can be programmed by using a tablet interface, or by using a conventional Fanuc teach pendant, or simply by dragging the robot arm by hand into the required positions. The intuitive software is as simple as dragging and dropping command icons in sequence of the events desired.

Robotic Innovations is not the first company to offer such a solution in the world, but our pricing, service and package offering should make us your first choice. Call us for all your Cobot system requirements.