Robotic CNC tending

At 37kg’s per part and a cutting time of approximately 35 minutes, this project was born out of necessity for our client B&O Machining (Pty) Ltd.

With an array of both large and small CNC Machining centers, B&O are well equipped to perform almost any machining operation within their facility.

In today’s economic climate where costs need to be managed very carefully, having a huge multi-axis machine standing and waiting to be loaded is simply not an option. At the same time, having a human load a 37kg part almost 1m into a CNC chuck consistently accurate is also not feasible.

The solution – Robotic CNC tending! Using a Fanuc R-2000iB robotic system, Robotic Innovations custom designed the solution to allow for hours of unattended machining by having removable trolleys that lock into the cell. These trolleys have been designed to accommodate various parts and with the training provided, B&O are able to program the new parts themselves.

“Thanks you very much for your company’s professional conduct and successful completion of the project, it was only a pleasure working with you and the guys learned so much” – Mr. Otto Coetzer, Managing Director of B&O Machining (Pty) Ltd.