Robotic Grinding & Polishing

In 2019 Robotic Innovations was commissioned by Italian owned company ACO South Africa, to design and manufacture a robotic welding system for their world class grease traps.

The project went off so well, that we were once again commissioned to design and manufacture a robotic grinding & polishing solution. As frequently happens, installing a robotic system alleviates the main bottle-neck within a process, but then causes another. In the case of ACO, the robotic welding system worked so well that the manual grinding and polishing became the new obstacle to through-put.

Being the first robotic grinding & polishing solution provided by Robotic Innovations, we had some homework to do. This meant the testing of multiple tools, dozens of grinding & polishing disks, belts and methods of application. After some time and many hours of trials, we found the perfect recipe to give ACO a finish that has set them apart from their competitors. In the process we reduced grinding time to 30%, polishing time to 20%, and reduced their consumable bill to 25% of what it was when performed manually.

Robotic Innovations are very proud of the solution we have provided, and our association with ACO South Africa… A world leader in the manufacturing of grease traps.