Hyperfill Robotic Welding

One of the latest projects completed by Robotic Innovations, incorporated the use of the new Lincoln Electric Hyperfill welding technology.

The Hyperfill technology is unique in that the system uses a single wire feeder and 700AMP power source, to weld two 1.2mm² (up to 1.6mm²) welding wires coming out of a single contact tip. The greatest advantage is of course wire deposition rates being double normal single wire rates. The system is therefore MIG welding with a combined 2.4mm² wire, which is normally only sub-arc territory. Although there are a few twin wire systems available on the market today, they require two wire feeders and two welding power sources and a very expensive twin wire welding torch. The Hyperfill system is therefore also very cost competitive and much easier to integrate.

The robotic welding cell designed and manufactured by Robotic Innovations also had some unique features. By incorporating two Fanuc M-710iC 12L robotic welding systems with the Lincoln Electric Hyperfill systems, required some special adaptations. We  incorporated functions such as laser seam finding sensors to detect the welding seams, and then the Fanuc TAST (Through Arc Seam Tracking) software allowed us to track the twin wires and keep them within the seam.

Each Fanuc M-710iC 12L robot has a best in class reach of 3123mm, and is a “through arm” system allowing the welding torch loom to run through the arm. This allows for better welding torch access than the conventional ‘’over arm” robotic systems, with this type of reach. Each robot was also equipped with a 1.5 ton welding manipulator, with an adjustable tail-stock system.