Designed for South Africa

Bepicon is a leading, medium-sized steel manufacturing company situated in Pretoria, Gauteng.
They supply manufacturing solutions to the telecommunications industry, construction, industrial and domestic markets, including but not limited to steel brackets, fences and masts. Bepicon has a manufacturing edge second to none, and is well geared for any steel fabrication assignment.

Robotic Innovations was requested to supply a complete turnkey solution, including jigging. Robotic Innovations supplied their South African style multi-jig capable robotic welding solution, with Bepicon’s 4 highest volume parts custom designed jigs.

Once the specifications for this project were received, jigs were fully designed in-house. Each jig is then simulated on our robotic simulation software so as to ensure weld and robot accessibility before manufacturing takes place. This prevents parts having to be made twice or modified on site. Right the first time!

The jigs are then manufactured and tested in-house on our own robotic system to verify that all welding positions are reachable and possible for the robot. Only then are the jigs taken to site and implemented.

Interchangeable jigs and with auto jig Identification plugs are user-friendly and can be changed by an operator according to production requirements. Some of Bepicon’s parts require multiple stages to complete, which are also catered for within the RI jigs. This has drastically increased the efficiency of the factory, as well as the accuracy and quality of their products.

Bepicon’s owner, Mr. Danie Botha, commented on the fact that all was made very easy and effective when working with Robotic Innovations as all his requirements could be met from one source. This being the reason for him not having invested in robotics sooner.

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