Palletizing robots – Simplify to increase production

Robotic palletizers were introduced in the early 1980s and have an end of arm tool (end effector) to grab the product from a conveyor or layer table and position it onto a pallet. The end of arm tooling has evolved in recent years to accommodate a variation of pack pattern and package types.*

More and more businesses are implementing palletizing robot solutions into their factories and plants, simply due to reliability, consistency and the ever increasing cost of labour. Within the cement industry, companies are faced with two viable options when automating – a high speed conventional palletizer or a robotic palletizing system.

For the lower volume cement blender companies in South Africa, a lower capital investment option such as the Robotic Innovations palletizing robots are the most affordable and reliable for single line capacities of up to 1250 bags of 50kg cement per hour.

Robotic Innovations developed and installed a simple and flexible robotic palletizing solution to meet the requirements of Kwikbuild Cement, combining innovative engineering of the conveyor systems and robotics to maximize packing capabilities

Productivity and profitability have increased and a huge benefit was that businesses can run longer hours as the automated solutions were designed and installed correctly.

In the past robotic palletizers generally reached a maximum capacity of around 1000 bags per hour, however with the robotic system supplied to Kwikbuild, we have reached an all-time high of 1380 bags per hour. This was until now, literally unheard of in this sector.

Robotic palletizers are the most effective palletizing systems for the cement blender business sector. When the required volumes for Kwikbuild increased, they decided to double up and install a second identical robotic palletizing solution.  This move doubled bag volumes and should a repair be required, they now still have 50% redundancy. Robotic palletizers are also 80% more maintenance friendly than the conventional palletizers.

Robotic Innovations offer a diverse range of palletizing applications, get in touch with us to discuss your needs!

* Source: Wikipedia