Top ten reasons to buy an industrial robot

The economy may be off to a slow start in 2009, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play ahead for better times.  These are the “Top Ten” reasons why you should purchase an industrial robot today.

  1. Lowest cost / highest quality wins market share

The economic pressures on companies and consumers are forcing everyone to carefully consider their purchases.  Gone are the days of “throw away” products.  People are demanding both low cost and high quality.  Automation, especially the flexibility offered by robotic automation is a great way to achieve both.

  1. Your competition is investing in automation

If you think your competitors are not investing in automation, think again.  Who is investing in automation?  The best run companies, looking to not just survive the economy, but thrive in it.

  1. Automated Competitors will take market share.

The companies with the best, leaned out automated manufacturing processes are the ones who are better positioned to respond to the quickly changing demands of customers.  An automated, flexible manufacturing process is able to change product mix, and product make-up “on the fly”.  The companies employing this strategy are your competitors.

  1. Robots are affordable

When Industrial robots first appeared in the marketplace they were expensive, as generally is any new piece of technology.  However, cost have been pushed down with mass production.  Prices for industrial robots have never been better.  Today’s prices for your products are the new floor as well.  Manufactured products aren’t like oil, where the price constantly goes up and down.  Today’s new low is tomorrow’s baseline price for your product-automate to reduce costs and maintain margin.

  1. Taking business back from competitors

With the economy slowed and the production in many factories at a standstill, now is the time to begin a strategy to take business back from your competitors.  Meet with a robotic industry engineering consultant who can design a solution to automate your factory which will reduce cost while increasing productivity and throughput.  When the economy improves, you will be able to produce a better product at a quicker rate, thus improving customer satisfaction and allowing you to take business back from your competitors.

  1. Integrator Capacity is Limited

Systems integrators have vertical market expertise, and there is not an excess of capacity in key disciplines.  If you wait until the recovery begins, all the integrators will be busy installing systems for your competitors and you will be at the back of the queue.

  1. Banks are Lending

You may think that you cannot afford a robot because banks are not lending, but that’s simply untrue.  Banks are simply looking for companies to make sound investments that make financial sense. What better than a robotic solution that brings down over-heads and increases production.

  1. Ease of introducing new equipment when not operating at full capacity.

Installing a new robot system and incorporating it into your day to day operations takes time.  Employees need to be trained on how to operate it, how to program it, at full capacity, you may not be able to afford the time to install automation.  Do it now while production is slower, to get ready for surge.

  1. Supply and Demand

Everyone is working off their inventories, including automation suppliers.  Robots are large, complicated machines, requiring special castings, mechanics, motors and electronics.  If you wait for the economy to fully recover the demand for robots will be up while supplies will be limited.  The results will be long lead times on all automation equipment and components.  Don’t wait for a full economic recovery.

  1. Industrial robots are at the heart of lean manufacturing

Industrial robots are at the heart of lean manufacturing operations.  Industrial robots reduce operating costs, perfect quality and productivity, i.e. optimized cycle times and throughput, are environmentally friendly by reducing scrap, exhaust and energy, have protected employees from dangerous tasks, can easily adapt to multiple jobs and add flexibility to future product lines.

This brief summary of the “Top Ten” reasons to buy an industrial robot today is intended to give you some incentive to investigate the feasibility of enhancing your operation with industrial robots.  An economic recovery will happen.  When it does, will you have positioned your company to take full advantage?

By A. Mostert, Robotic Innovations with references from T. Wodoslawsky, Top ten reasons to buy an industrial robot today, Robotics feature article, 18/05/2009,