500 kg 2 Axis Servo Positioner


  • This is the 2-axis servo positioner for arc welding that has max.payload capacity in its class.

  • 2-axis servo positioner has a 500kg payload capacity and the max. capacity of wrist moment and inertia in its class.

  • Coordinated motion function integrated into FANUC ROBOWELD/ARC Mate series provides no error synchcronization motion. This greatly increase welding quality by constant relative speed and posture.

  • Welding earth cable and plenty piping/wiring are integrated into hollow drive mechanism in the positioner. This can enable easy set up of the positioner.

  • ROBOGUIDE is used to input CAD data and create programs offline. A welding program with multi-arm coordination motion is generated by tracing weld path on ROBOGUIDE.

  • Created offline programs can be easily adjusted (callibrated) to the actual workpiece by Vision Sensor function.

  • The positioner can be used safely by putting cover in arc-welding application.

  • 2-axis servo positioner can be installed on the floor, upside down or inclined at any angle.